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As a fashionista on a budget myself, I understand how frustrating shopping on a budget can be so here are my top tips on how to shop like a pro on a budget:

Shop Your Own Closet and Make a List: 

Before you go on a shopping trip, look at what's in your closet, so that you can avoid spending money on pieces you already have. After you have assessed your closet, it is important that you make a list. Identifying what you need vs. what you want to help you stay on track with your budget.

Use Cash:

It is so easy to lose track of what you are spending if you cannot physically see it, so bring cash and leave your debit/credit cards at home.


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Think Twice About Trends:

If you are going to splurge on trends make sure they are trends that you are going to want to wear for a long time. Otherwise stick to classic pieces. 

Shop Secondhand:

If you want to get more for your bucks, then secondhand shops will be your best option. However, make sure that you take your time to inspect each garment so that you don't waste your money on defective items. If you are shopping online,pay attention to the description and measurements of the items that you're interested in buying.

I hope that this list will help you stay on budget as you go on your next shopping trip.

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