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The Love Dani Collection is a collection of love beyond measure and the legacy of hope, selflessness and love, that a gentle giant left behind.


One year ago today, I lost the love of my life. His name was Daniel and he was the kindest soul on earth. He was as loving as he was selfless, and the biggest goofball I had ever known. He was mine, and, I his.

We wanted to see the world, get married and have a family of our own...

While he is no longer here with me, his memory shall live forever inside of each and every one of us who knew and loved him dearly. And through the Love Dani collection, and the many lives each piece of the collection will get to touch and help heal...

30% of each sale from this collection will be donated to Love A Child, a non-profit Christian humanitarian organization, serving the needs of children in Haiti.

Dani loved children, and while he never got to have any of his own, I think that he'd be happy and proud to see all of the good that this collection will get to do in the lives of so many children. 

Love always,


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