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Alice and James is one girl's insatiable love affair with Vintage and Philanthropy and of course Haiti. 

Nothing makes me happier than hunting for preloved treasures, but what gives me the greatest joy is all the good you get to do every time you make a purchase. Because let's face it, if you don't buy, there won't be any money for me to donate. So thank you so much for your support!


Alice and James is a for profit organization doing nonprofit work in Haiti and hopefully as the company grows, it will take over the world.

I created Alice and James for two reasons:

  1. Because I want to help provide for my family.
  2. Because I want help those who are less fortunate.

Through Alice and James I am able to combine my passion for fashion and philanthropy together, in order to bring to my tribe (clients) a highly curated collection of found and handmade treasures, that were handpicked with the greatest attention to detail and love.

At A&J Every Sale Matters, no matter the amount, because each sale means that I not only get to help feed my family or pay my student loan, but that I also get to help feed a family in need, sponsor a child’s education, provide employment for a parent and so much more.

My goal 2018 is that Alice and James will be able to sponsor and provide employment for at least 100 people. So please join me in this journey and let us take on this fight to end poverty!


Love always,


Alice and James Project

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